Saturday, February 7, 2009

My First Step...

I dont know much abt politics,I also use to hate it n think "it is none of my business" but at the same time I want India to do good,the only hurdle I see r the rotten politicians,this is coz we use to think "its none of our business",I realised its not coz of them but coz of people like me who wants to sit comfortably in their home.I have decided to clear the dirt for which somehow I was also resposible,I have joined politics,I can't let India go in wrong hands therefore I'll request you also to join politics.Not necesarily My party but some in which u believe and help India come out of this Political Crisis.

Go and Vote for your leader,don't let others decide who'll lead you.

Jai Hind.....

Vinay Singh
Sah Prabhari
Lucknow (East)
BPD (Bharat Punarnirman Dal).

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