Tuesday, December 16, 2008

SRK Rocks

It seems cupid had bestowed all his power to SRK as he always manages to touch THAT chord.He's awesome,fantastic and Fantabulous...He's the only KING...coz he rules the heart of everyone irrespective of age or gender.Now if anybody donot agree I don't give a damn,If anybody critisize then I dont find valid reason,one will critisize it only if he/she is ultimate boring kinnof person are he/she unecessarily trying to prove that they really got some taste different and above all common human being.People will stupidly compare it with some gud art movie (even when they know that these movies are beyond camparison).

For all those who luv watching SRK go and I bet ur gonna have fun.He'll make you laugh ,cry and feel the "sweet pain" coz nothing is painful as luv n nothing is sweet as luv.Now thats a extended version of dialogue in the movie,seems I'm spellbound.

SRK you r the "KINGS OF THIS WORLD" ;)

And yes Gud work Anushka n Adi (credit for this movie equally goes to u people)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

What Next???

There are only two types of people in this country : Indian and Non-Indians,
Anyone who keeps his nation above himself is an Indian and one who think about themself before India is

Non-Indian.We can allow non Indians to live in this country and earn their living but We can't hand over

the resposibilities of Nation to them.

According to me most of the politicians are non Indian just coz they are holding the position of

resposiblity just for their personal benefits.Thinking about country and the citizens is last in their

priority list.

We can see lot of change in the ministry in last 24 hr which will continue for next 48 hr.Then they'll

come with some terrific plans regarding the security of this nation.I just want to ask...Where the hell

they were till now....more than 20 terrorist attacks were not enough to stir their soul and mind.If they

can do it now why they were not doing till this day???Why were they waiting for death of so many innocent

people and Our police ,NSGs officials. Isn't it effected by the forthcoming election ???

We need to act now,open your eyes and mind.We want best person to lead every department,whether its

related to security,finance,unemployement,population and lot of other problem.Right now government is only

concetrating on security issue and all politicians busy pointing fingers on each other.Lemme remind you

that winter has arrived which is a season of lot of railway casualities,
.Have railway worked upon than security measures?Hundreds of people dies in Railway accident every year.

.Is mumbai preparing to face next Rainy season?? which results on humungous loss of property and life


.What about financial global crisis??

.Is river Kosi problem has been resolved?? which have swiped out millions of people??

And many many more problems which kills people hundred thousand times of people killed in all the

terrorist attacks.Please I request all our leaders to focus on their jobs instead of finding flaws in

other.They can still save lot of lives.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

WakeUp Call

Why the hell these terrorist doing all this?For what reason they are killing so many people?
What motivate them so much that they just donot care about their life and voluntarily giving up their life and also taking life of other innocent people.I couldn't find any reason which can justify so much of mass killing and terror among innocent people, whether they are fighting for their religion or some land.I mean they shud have cause which is greater than humanity otherwise why so many inocent people are being killed?

Same time I'm not able to understand how can be our leaders be so irresposible.If they think that state or country they are leading is so big that they can't tackle these kind of problem I think they should resign immediately.When so much of power is given to them It comes with lot of resposibility,if they are finding it difficult please resign,But how can they,Then how will they make so much of money,how they will execute their powers on common people,They are so selfish,they cant leave the position because of money and power and same time they themselve accept that they are incapable of handling crunch situations.They are like parasites,elected by us then they suck us.They are acting now so fast,not because it was biggest terror attack or they care for their country but because its Election time.Let them come once again and then we'll keep on crying, shouting like this,nothing will happen.

And our media Which keep on pointing fingers ,do they think they are acting responsibly,They are promoting SMS ,Making film of emotions expressed by the people who have lost their relative.What do they want to signify.They are only thinking about their business.

Even we are resposible somewhere in all this,"Good people" what we think of ourselve,think politics is dirty,We donot want to clean it,We want to be on safer side by becoming doctors,corporate,servicemen,business people.Getting into politics is none of our business.Then whose business is this man.We want great politicians but not from our family.We all are selfish and think only about our family,ourselve,our career.Thinking about country has been left for aliens.
We don't go to vote because we believe all are equally corrupt but at the same time we give bribe to get our work done.And all good people like us are selfish people.Nothing can happen if we keep on pointing fingure like this on everyone.Somewhere or other we all are resposible for what is happening in our country.
The only solution I see is that we need to get into politics,Politician are not by birth,Its not only their duty to look after safety of this nation.Its our duty.We need a new generation of politician,Unselfish,uncorrupt,Enthusiatic and visionaries.Just like companies CEO's our politician should also be accountable to everything happening in their premises.

Can't we take one good thing from terrorists,cant we be unselfish like them for much bigger cause of saving our people and saving our country.

It's not that everyone is coorupt and selfish but we really need to think about it.If We are safe today it's because few peope are their who don't care for their life,from police,Nsg,Army,ATS and all,I salute them from very core of my heart.Few media people has also done some good works but why not all...We need more people like this to avoid such incidence to happen...India dont lack any thing...It has everything to again become the "GOLDEN BIRD",the most powerful yet prospeourus and peaceful...do we need few more wake up calls....

Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Dhoni

Well I was thinking about my blogs which was getting so monotonous,I had a concern that it may start sounding boring if i gonna continue like this which can effect number of people reading my blog....But then I thought that, that number of posting were necessary to express my feelings for what I believe in and what I want to convey.Well today I got new topic to post so here is the change.....

How can I forget 7th July which has given India such a talented son.A man with such a sheer physical and mental strength.Its an honour for team Indian for having a such person as a Captain of her side.
"Dhoni, as the captain of Indian cricket team is doing some absolutely fantastic job. He is a very good captain who is capable of successfully managing the matters related to his team and drive the team in the right way. The Indian team has performed quite brilliantly in the Asia Cup against Pakistan and Bangladesh and that's a good sign for Indian cricket," Srikkanth said.

It would have been better if we could have won the yesterday's Asia cup final from Srilanka but no probs , you have given lot more to India in a last one year as a captain and as a player.We had never dreamt of 20-20 world cup when most of our playing legends dropped themselve out of sqaud.I still remember that all of my flatmates were praying to win that final from Pakistan n bring that world cup to India.We wanted that cup even at the cost of loss in all the series till next world cup and YOU DID IT !!!
Then next time when I was desparately praying for next big series win was that series played in Australia coz that would b a SLAP on the face of Australians who wanted to win everything at any cost (they degraded their sport spirit to the lowest level) and you again DID IT !!!
Finally we lost yesterday but no regret...Srilankans are just like our brothers and they played well so they won and You kept the spirit of game...PLAY LIKE MEN,QUIT LIKE MEN....by accepting our mistakes and praising their game and yes ,you have again shown your sharp thinking and speaking skill out of field by answering Mr. Rameej Raja when he pointed the number of loss of finals since 1999.Atleast we make into that much of finals...many good team can't even do so (like Pakistan ha,ha,ha)well done...

Have a Blast Today...
Njoy maadi...keep serving India...we all are there with you...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ofcourse we can do it....

Well since I have written my last blog the only thing that was worrying me was that more I'll delay in writing my next blog more errosion will be their in your memory about me n my blog which I have written last.
In my last blog where I have mentioned about the small act can make the big impact on our system.Since then I was thinking what are those small things that can make the big difference ??

I found this article on internet by Mr R.K Mishra.I wanted all my friend to read this so I pasted it as it is so to share with you.

There is so much wrong but "NO ONE" is doing anything about it..sounds familiar...??

We all hear this on our daily life. Any meeting, party, casual chat or discussion about nation and society starts with the familiar cynical complaints about various issues and problems facing the nation and how come ‘NO-ONE’ is doing anything about it.

This got me thinking – Who are we talking about – this ‘NO ONE’...who is he? The politician, bureaucrat, judge, journalist, common man... you, ME... This article is trying to demystify this ‘NO ONE’ Character...

Many of my friends and colleagues often complain and look frustrated about so many things going wrong while nothing is being done to rectify and no one seems to be bothered. They also mention about the good experience they had when they lived or travelled outside India and how everyone followed the rules and did their bit of social and civic responsibility. Majority of them seem to have good intentions and some are even willing to do their bit but do not know where to begin. They feel so overwhelmed with the problems that they can not think of a starting point.

They think of ‘WHOLE SOLUTION’ and feel helpless without realizing that ‘WHOLE is made of PARTS’.

As we engage in the discussion and when I ask them as to what are they doing to solve these problems, most of them draw a blank. The common refrain is “WHAT CAN ONE MAN DO” or “I AM DOING MY PART BY PAYING MY TAXES”. I agree with both the statements and but they are only partially true.

Yes, it is true that one man can not solve all the problems – say removing corruption from society or educate every child or fix all broken roads, but ONE MAN can still do lots of SMALL THINGS and if each of this ONE MAN does these SMALL THINGS, the SUM-TOTAL will be very LARGE.

To understand as to ‘WHAT THIS ONE MAN CAN DO’, lets begin by asking some simple questions -

How often do we call our local municipality office to inform them about a leaking water pipe wasting precious drinking water?

Do we ask our maids as to if and where do their kids go to school?

Do we stop to take care of an accident victim and take him to the hospital or we just ignore for fear of being questioned by police?

Do we bother to interfere when we see an eve teasing incident or just ignore it for fear of confronting the offending party?

Have we ever advised a car owner whose kids throw empty chips packets on the road from a moving car?

Do we volunteer to clean our neighbourhood park or add to the mess by dumping our own garbage in the corner of the park?

The list can go on and on....

These are just some examples of our social and civic responsibilities which we encounter and mostly ignore in our everyday life?
Can we call ourselves responsible citizens if the answer to the above questions is 'NO'.

All of this and more can be done by this ‘ONE MAN’ –

I will illustrate this with one real life example -

Our local government school has implemented Mid Day Meal, which is mandatory as per central government directive. On a casual visit we noticed that 2 out of 3 teachers were involved in cooking the meals, where as some kids were helping them with cutting of vegetables etc. Further inquiry revealed that the cook who is paid only Rs. 600 by the government has refused to work for such a paltry sum and since it is mandatory to provide mid-day meal, teachers had no option but to cook meal which took more than 30% of their working hours. We called the cook and promised her extra Rs. 1,400 per month. We also hired one cleaning helper to make sure that teachers and students do not waste their time in cooking meals. All this was done from community donations and is working very well for past one year.

Now lets look at this ‘ONE MAN’, who is he??

It is ‘YOU’, it is ‘ME’, it is ‘US’... this is the power of this ‘ONE MAN’ which can change this nation.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want”.

Just imagine, if we all start doing these small acts of our responsibility towards our society, our nation, how nice things will look around us.

I hope this article will get you thinking. I look forward to your comments.


Sunday, June 15, 2008


Pls watch video also...coz SRK can express much better than me...

I find these video's not coz I like the movie or I'm fan of SRK or Amitabh but coz I like the msg...and I know u also like this movie coz of this only. Movie makers are contributing with their skills and expertise and trying to make people aware.From this movie I felt that somewhere even educated people also need to be aware of what they are capable of and why our country need them ? and here I'll say they did their part wonderfully.Whenever we see movie like this we overwhelm with the feeling of patriotism.This is good as it solve the purpose of the movie maker.But thing that matters most is how longlasting is the meassage ?Are we going to be busy in our daily routine life after having a nice tight sleep,after discussing abt acting of SRK,Direction work and all.SRK need not to prove anything about his acting skill.
Do we everytime need film like RDB,Swadesh etc. etc. to stir our soul, do we need regular matches between India and pakistan wherein we can abuse some of the player and let our all patriotism towards India flood away then n there.Are we actually doing something which needed to be changed ??? Now nobody can say what to do...there are hundreds and thousands of problem in India ...If we really wish to contribute then what is stopping us?? I know everyone busy in their work but we have Sundays every week. We can take out 3-4 hrs then we can go for party whole day...And one more thing....U need not to be ashamed of doing these small and pity thing...we should b proud of this...so get going...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

India rising

This is for those who enjoy watching more than reading....Who can speak better than Mr.Amitabh Bachchan....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Chetan Bhagat taught me to read :)

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay in my 2nd blog,it was not that I was lacking any topic to write about but just because I was having too many and was not able to prioritize them and one reason was that after writing my 1st blog my mind was all full of Raj thakre and politics and thank god he didn’t given me next chance to blog upon him and I can hope that he’ll will give me some constructive stuff to write upon this time.

Well, so what for I’m here, well I have finished reading first book of my career “three mistakes of life” by Chetan Bhagat and that too in three nights,ya those who know me knows what a big task I have done, reading a book, completing that book and that too in three nights…awesome…if it wud have not been that gr8 I wud have not been writing about it in blog.

Then I was thinking why I liked that book,reason:-
It is about cricket,it is about mathematics,it’s about politics and it’s about business and if you like any of these you’ll enjoy it.And yes, there is bit of romance also.

So everyone I’m calling these days I’m recommending them to read this book,I think Mr Bhagat shud think seriously about me now. Few of my friends also asked me to read “five point someone” as many of them are saying it is better than “three…”.So, finally I have manage to find it and will be starting it today…lets c…

I’m getting desperate to write more blogs, Forthcoming topics will be based on “Effect of 20-20 on Fifty over match” and “dhoni’s captaincy”, my belief about “learning methodologies” , few on political issues and “entrepreneur experience” and many more…just wait n watch….

Monday, May 26, 2008

Dividing India

Last Saturday I attended a seminar and I’ll say it was one of the most inspiring day of my life, But the thing which forced me to write my first blog was the incidence which took place when Mr. R.K.Mishra was giving the speech. I don’t want to raise any controversy so I’m not quoting that incidence here but that incidence really stir me from inside and today again Mr. Raj Thakre (I’m adding “Mr.” infront of his name just coz that is how we have been taught from childhood to respect others though he don’t deserve anything like that.) rose the same issue by challenging UPites and Bihar.

I always had and will always have proud on My India for so far keeping things united and successfully doing well and making whole world feel our presence. Few must be thinking huh… why…howcome ???
So, first let me tell you some facts..
The number of languages listed for India is 428. Of those, 415 are living languages and 13 are extinct.
Buddhism was born in India (not China), so were Sikhism, Jainism, and of course Hinduism. The Zoroastrians, the Jews (living in India since 600 B.C.), the people of Bahai faith, all are found in India in substantial numbers.
The food habits of the one billion Indians varies by the availability of raw materials, cooking traditions, local spices, and interestingly their religious faiths.
Diversity in Culture
India is a state divided by eighteen official languages, some 180 minor languages, virtually all the major religions of the world, five castes, over 3,000 sub-castes, and several tribal populations. Nevertheless, democracy and diversity continue to coexist in India despite the odds. As a testament to its resilience, India's democracy has survived even though countries with far fewer ethnic divisions have had far more checkered histories.
It was all not so easy, our ancestors have fought hard for this and that too altogether, whether its Hindu, Muslim, Sikh ,UPites,Bihari,Bangali,Punjabi,Marathi,South Indian or North Indian, they all have shed their bloods and sacrificed their life so that the next coming generation can breath in free air. And today I see, few of our leader (who should Icon for other young people ) just for their personal benefits, for their political career even ready to divide this country. I just want to know what good he is doing for his country by making such a provoking speeches. He knows if anything will happen only innocent people will suffer. Person like him can’t think anything good even about his family.
A selfish person like him can never think about his country. He must have realized that it is much easier to divide every one and gain popularity than uniting everyone which so many others are doing and not so popular. Path for doing good has always been tough that’s why he chose easier path no matter whether it’s right or wrong.
He’s challenging our unity. He’s no way less than any terrorist who is doing all this nonsense and trying to gain popularity by spreading terror among his own countrymen.
Now its upto us whether we are able to take his challenge and continue our self as a united Indian.