Monday, May 26, 2008

Dividing India

Last Saturday I attended a seminar and I’ll say it was one of the most inspiring day of my life, But the thing which forced me to write my first blog was the incidence which took place when Mr. R.K.Mishra was giving the speech. I don’t want to raise any controversy so I’m not quoting that incidence here but that incidence really stir me from inside and today again Mr. Raj Thakre (I’m adding “Mr.” infront of his name just coz that is how we have been taught from childhood to respect others though he don’t deserve anything like that.) rose the same issue by challenging UPites and Bihar.

I always had and will always have proud on My India for so far keeping things united and successfully doing well and making whole world feel our presence. Few must be thinking huh… why…howcome ???
So, first let me tell you some facts..
The number of languages listed for India is 428. Of those, 415 are living languages and 13 are extinct.
Buddhism was born in India (not China), so were Sikhism, Jainism, and of course Hinduism. The Zoroastrians, the Jews (living in India since 600 B.C.), the people of Bahai faith, all are found in India in substantial numbers.
The food habits of the one billion Indians varies by the availability of raw materials, cooking traditions, local spices, and interestingly their religious faiths.
Diversity in Culture
India is a state divided by eighteen official languages, some 180 minor languages, virtually all the major religions of the world, five castes, over 3,000 sub-castes, and several tribal populations. Nevertheless, democracy and diversity continue to coexist in India despite the odds. As a testament to its resilience, India's democracy has survived even though countries with far fewer ethnic divisions have had far more checkered histories.
It was all not so easy, our ancestors have fought hard for this and that too altogether, whether its Hindu, Muslim, Sikh ,UPites,Bihari,Bangali,Punjabi,Marathi,South Indian or North Indian, they all have shed their bloods and sacrificed their life so that the next coming generation can breath in free air. And today I see, few of our leader (who should Icon for other young people ) just for their personal benefits, for their political career even ready to divide this country. I just want to know what good he is doing for his country by making such a provoking speeches. He knows if anything will happen only innocent people will suffer. Person like him can’t think anything good even about his family.
A selfish person like him can never think about his country. He must have realized that it is much easier to divide every one and gain popularity than uniting everyone which so many others are doing and not so popular. Path for doing good has always been tough that’s why he chose easier path no matter whether it’s right or wrong.
He’s challenging our unity. He’s no way less than any terrorist who is doing all this nonsense and trying to gain popularity by spreading terror among his own countrymen.
Now its upto us whether we are able to take his challenge and continue our self as a united Indian.