Monday, February 9, 2009

Thanks a lot !!!

Hi all,

Thanks for your support and wishes but please let me clear few thing first bcoz with this mail people must have started creating thier own sketches in canvas of their mind.As of now I have just accepted post for Sah prabhari so that means that I'm no way going to contest for election this time.My sole purpose for election will be coordinating the election and spread awareness among people residing in Lucknow and nearby areas.We as a party have done some good work in last 4-5 months and made around 10,000 people to join us in our effort in Lucknow only.As a party member my only plan as of now is to reach as many people as I can and make them aware about their social resposibilty.Once the majority of people will know about their rights ,half the work will be done.They themselve will elect good people.I believe in BPD that does not mean that others should also blindly start following it.We are just providing the fourth option to everyone who thinks "whome to vote".We want best person to be our leader whether he/she is someone from my party or other.
That is why started this campaign with you people whome I trust more and I know I'll get the right feedback.
I'm Not expecting success as a person or as a party but this campaign should be successful and therefore I'll request that none of your friend or relative should escape voting this time :)

It's for you,It's for us and above all It's for INDIA......

Jai Hind,
Vinay Singh
Sah Prabhari
Lucknow (East)
BPD (Bharat Punarnirman Dal).

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wanderingalone said...

i confess i was one of those people who wanted to keep my hands off the dirty waters of politics. but being from mumbai, I'll hate myself forever if i don't get up and do something after the terror attacks... and even before that, the stupid, insane 'anti north indians' thing that had happened.... I've registered for elections and so has my family. We'll all vote this time and i swear to make a difference.
Jai Hind!
Maithili Desai