Tuesday, December 16, 2008

SRK Rocks

It seems cupid had bestowed all his power to SRK as he always manages to touch THAT chord.He's awesome,fantastic and Fantabulous...He's the only KING...coz he rules the heart of everyone irrespective of age or gender.Now if anybody donot agree I don't give a damn,If anybody critisize then I dont find valid reason,one will critisize it only if he/she is ultimate boring kinnof person are he/she unecessarily trying to prove that they really got some taste different and above all common human being.People will stupidly compare it with some gud art movie (even when they know that these movies are beyond camparison).

For all those who luv watching SRK go and I bet ur gonna have fun.He'll make you laugh ,cry and feel the "sweet pain" coz nothing is painful as luv n nothing is sweet as luv.Now thats a extended version of dialogue in the movie,seems I'm spellbound.

SRK you r the "KINGS OF THIS WORLD" ;)

And yes Gud work Anushka n Adi (credit for this movie equally goes to u people)

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