Sunday, November 30, 2008

What Next???

There are only two types of people in this country : Indian and Non-Indians,
Anyone who keeps his nation above himself is an Indian and one who think about themself before India is

Non-Indian.We can allow non Indians to live in this country and earn their living but We can't hand over

the resposibilities of Nation to them.

According to me most of the politicians are non Indian just coz they are holding the position of

resposiblity just for their personal benefits.Thinking about country and the citizens is last in their

priority list.

We can see lot of change in the ministry in last 24 hr which will continue for next 48 hr.Then they'll

come with some terrific plans regarding the security of this nation.I just want to ask...Where the hell

they were till now....more than 20 terrorist attacks were not enough to stir their soul and mind.If they

can do it now why they were not doing till this day???Why were they waiting for death of so many innocent

people and Our police ,NSGs officials. Isn't it effected by the forthcoming election ???

We need to act now,open your eyes and mind.We want best person to lead every department,whether its

related to security,finance,unemployement,population and lot of other problem.Right now government is only

concetrating on security issue and all politicians busy pointing fingers on each other.Lemme remind you

that winter has arrived which is a season of lot of railway casualities,
.Have railway worked upon than security measures?Hundreds of people dies in Railway accident every year.

.Is mumbai preparing to face next Rainy season?? which results on humungous loss of property and life


.What about financial global crisis??

.Is river Kosi problem has been resolved?? which have swiped out millions of people??

And many many more problems which kills people hundred thousand times of people killed in all the

terrorist attacks.Please I request all our leaders to focus on their jobs instead of finding flaws in

other.They can still save lot of lives.

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