Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Chetan Bhagat taught me to read :)

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay in my 2nd blog,it was not that I was lacking any topic to write about but just because I was having too many and was not able to prioritize them and one reason was that after writing my 1st blog my mind was all full of Raj thakre and politics and thank god he didn’t given me next chance to blog upon him and I can hope that he’ll will give me some constructive stuff to write upon this time.

Well, so what for I’m here, well I have finished reading first book of my career “three mistakes of life” by Chetan Bhagat and that too in three nights,ya those who know me knows what a big task I have done, reading a book, completing that book and that too in three nights…awesome…if it wud have not been that gr8 I wud have not been writing about it in blog.

Then I was thinking why I liked that book,reason:-
It is about cricket,it is about mathematics,it’s about politics and it’s about business and if you like any of these you’ll enjoy it.And yes, there is bit of romance also.

So everyone I’m calling these days I’m recommending them to read this book,I think Mr Bhagat shud think seriously about me now. Few of my friends also asked me to read “five point someone” as many of them are saying it is better than “three…”.So, finally I have manage to find it and will be starting it today…lets c…

I’m getting desperate to write more blogs, Forthcoming topics will be based on “Effect of 20-20 on Fifty over match” and “dhoni’s captaincy”, my belief about “learning methodologies” , few on political issues and “entrepreneur experience” and many more…just wait n watch….

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